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Machine Protection Panel (MPP)

MPP chair: Daniel Wollmann, Deputy: Jorg Wenninger

Scientific secretaries: A. Calia, C. Wiesner and C. Hernalsteens

The Machine Protection Panel (MPP) combines experts from all machine protection systems, the operations team and the experiments. It ensures the coherence over the different machine protection sub-systems, verifies its proper commissioning and proposes the safe operational envelope of the different accelerators based on their state of commissioning.

Restricted Machine Protection Panel (rMPP)

rMPP chair: Markus Zerlauth, Deputy: Jan Uythoven

The restricted Machine Protection Panel (rMPP) is supporting the equipment teams and LHC operations on a very reactive basis for any urgent question or concern related to machine protection. It defines the allowable operational envelope as a function of the commissioning state of the machine and defines the boundary conditions for MDs and special (physics) runs.

Following the considerable upgrades throughout the injector complex in the context of the LIU project, a similar restricted Machine Protection Panel has been introduced for the injector complex.